With the advent of computerization, almost everyone has dealt himself to computer initiated gadgets or even in some transactions to offices and institutions. For an instance, upon entering to a certain bank institution, transaction starts with a sophisticated computer generated machine asking if what services the bank can offer until finishing one’s transaction.

Similarly, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) invites every public offices to do the same, that is, elevating the frontline services into computer generated systems facilitating transactions. Also, it stipulates in the accreditation criteria, as to attain the level III status, encouragement of digitization of transaction is evident. Thus, the Schools Division Office of Nueva Vizcaya, having garnered the Level II Accreditation status on frontline services for personnel during the 2016 PRIME-HRM evaluation, through the Information Communication Technology Unit, envisions to be compliant.

With this, the launching of ONLINE TRAVEL ORDER PROCESSING SYSTEM pilots the system generated transactions on the travel orders catering all personnel. This system aims to facilitate the process for those who are far from the Office considering that the SDO-NV schools are geographically located in mountainous areas and even nearby schools, too, personnel need not to come to the Office just to secure Travel Orders. Also, it serves as an internal control system of the Office since these travel orders are in sequence with some control features.

Most of all, it is a win-win solution since the system does not require each signatory every time a personnel needs to secure Travel Order because approval on its request is just in the computer system per se.

On its background, the system is a software-based computer application developed using Virtual Studio Edition, a state-of-the-art software development tool and for its back-end database, the system uses MySQL, as built in the website.

Enjoy the system and have a safe and happy trip on your travel!